• In case there is any defect with the garage doors you buy from us we guarantee you a replacement warranty within 90 days!This warranty is void if damage, repairs, or adjustments are made by anyone other than Express GARAGE DOOR without our prior approval. Service will be performed at the same location as the original service."


    Minor scratches and surface imperfections in shipping and handling are NOT considered defects. Touch-up paint may be used. Metal doors cannot be cut to fit an uneven floor -- there maybe gaps under the door.


    Nicks, scratches, splinters, and rough spots are not considered defects. Owner MUST sand, putty, and clean before painting with not less than two coats of exterior grade paint (or stain per manufacturer’s specifications) on both sides within ten days.

Most items purchased are guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase with a ninety day shop labour guarantee, if applicable. When the manufacturer’s warranty exceeds that shown above extended warranty service will be subject to the terms and conditions of manufacturer’s warranty. Most items purchased at the shop are sold on a no return basis. Be sure you purchase only what you want. All electrical parts are subject to no return and no exchange (except exact replacement if defective). Similarly, custom ordered parts are subject to no return and no exchange. Non-electrical parts in "new condition" may be exchanged for equivalent value parts within ten days. Accepted returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge.